Self-taught, non-award-winning piano player from Germany. Playing covers of popular music, movie themes, video games and classical pieces. Some people enjoy this stream more than others. I also swam with dolphins once


"And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” – Michael Scott


Variety streamer who is specialized in sweetness | Lover of Dark Souls & a good challenge | Positively goofy with a magical energy | ADVANCEDgg Partner | Come join the conversation, teehee! ✨


I'm a streamer, a gamer, the Lord of Sausage, a dad, and hopefully a friend!


Hello! I'm a violinist and chess lover based in São Paulo - Brazil


I'm a variety streamer that typically plays rouge-like games like Dead Cells and Hades. I'll sometimes venture into RPG playthrus or League of Legends with friends.


Welcome to ingrediology! I stream cooking shows meant to help you take your kitchen game to the next level. Check my website for class guides and recipes. Yes this stream is mature. I hope you are too.


Fluffy gamer who streams 🐶


My name is Joel (he/him) and I'm from Puerto Rico. I currently live in the Bay Area working as a Product Designer & Software Engineer by day and streamer at night. I do variety streaming as well as coding a gaming network called Gamer's Hive at


Welcome to the Legion! An intrepid adventurer storming his way through Twitch with a Legion by my side. Avid anime fan, beer drinker, and semi-professional casual gamer.


Hi! My name is Mikalo. I'm a variety streamer that focuses on survival games, zombie games, and other random games. I'm also thinking of doing some Unity development streams, let me know if you're interested in seeing those!


Welcome! My name is Katie. I’m a singer from Ireland.

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