"And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” – Michael Scott


Hey! I'm Gary from Kent in England. I love Twitch so much because I can share the music I love - from singer-songwriter sad boi vibes to silly fun pop songs and everything in between! I truly feel like I've found my home here and the sense of community is incredible.


Welcome to the Legion! An intrepid adventurer storming his way through Twitch with a Legion by my side. Avid anime fan, beer drinker, and semi-professional casual gamer.


My name is Joel (he/him) and I'm from Puerto Rico. I am currently living in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) working as a Product Designer & Software Engineer. I enjoy streaming video games, piano, and coding. I'm also developing a listing website for inclusive streamers at


It's GoDRAKEN!!! let's kick some ass and chew some bubblegum...and I'm out of gum! i love to interact with viewers and have a good time. I'm Streamer that loves Tech, Gaming, Photography and music, I provide Tech support on stream. You can support my channel by dropping a follow, lurk or chat.


I'm a variety streamer that typically plays rouge-like games like Dead Cells and Hades. I'll sometimes venture into RPG playthrus or League of Legends with friends.


UX designer, web developer, casual gaymer, IBMer. He/him 🌈


Bombii here, i play games, chill out, chat and generally just try to have fun so come hang out and lets have a chuckle!!!


Based outside of Buffalo, NY, streaming Fallout 76, Medieval Dynasty, and various Paradox Titles, among other fine games


Welcome to the Gang. I play Dead By Daylight Monday - Wednesday, do a big variety stream on Saturdays, and a playthrough stream on Sundays. Join my discord to vote on which games we play.


Full time vibe demon and part-time water daddy


Musician, Gamer, Dog Dad, Occasional Twitch Streamer, Affable Echoist, Avid Indoorsman

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