"And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.” – Michael Scott


Welcome to the Legion! An intrepid adventurer storming his way through Twitch with a Legion by my side. Avid anime fan, beer drinker, and semi-professional casual gamer.


I'm a variety streamer that typically plays rouge-like games like Dead Cells and Hades. I'll sometimes venture into RPG playthrus or League of Legends with friends.


It's GoDRAKEN!!! let's kick some ass and chew some bubblegum...and I'm out of gum! i love to interact with viewers and have a good time. I'm Streamer that loves Tech, Gaming, Photography and music, I provide Tech support on stream. You can support my channel by dropping a follow, lurk or chat.


Based outside of Buffalo, NY, streaming Fallout 76, Medieval Dynasty, and various Paradox Titles, among other fine games


UX designer, web developer, casual gaymer, IBMer. He/him 🌈


Bombii here, i play games, chill out, chat and generally just try to have fun so come hang out and lets have a chuckle!!!


My name is Joel (he/him) and I'm from Puerto Rico. I am currently living in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) working as a Product Designer & Software Engineer. I enjoy streaming video games, piano, and coding. I'm also developing a listing website for inclusive streamers at


Hey! I'm Gary from Kent in England. I love Twitch so much because I can share the music I love - from singer-songwriter sad boi vibes to silly fun pop songs and everything in between! I truly feel like I've found my home here and the sense of community is incredible.


Welcome to the Gang. I play Dead By Daylight Monday - Wednesday, do a big variety stream on Saturdays, and a playthrough stream on Sundays. Join my discord to vote on which games we play.


Full time vibe demon and part-time water daddy


Musician, Gamer, Dog Dad, Occasional Twitch Streamer, Affable Echoist, Avid Indoorsman

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