Welcome to The Blindness! I'm BlindDemon, gamer, weeb and cyberpunk enthusiast! | He/Him


Heya, my name is Fernando, but you can call me Nando, I'm a Brazilian streamer that enjoy games and good company.


Hello! I'm a violinist and chess lover based in São Paulo - Brazil


I'm a streamer, a gamer, the Lord of Sausage, a dad, and hopefully a friend!


My name is Lee and I am a variety streamer, a mental health advocate, and also really getting into cosplay. I love playing games and just giving people a place to relax. We also have Mental Motivation Monday streams for Mental health awareness! I would love you to join! Welcome to Lee's Wolf Pack!


Hey, I'm the 16BitNinja. I've been gaming since I was 5, my first game was Space Invaders and I'll play everything but sports (Unless it's Mario sports. ;D)


Hi ! :D I'm Silver, born in the '80s, I play and stream games and every two weeks music. :) Welcome in, get comfy and let's chill out !


Hi! My name is Mikalo. I'm a variety streamer that focuses on survival games, zombie games, and other random games. I'm also thinking of doing some Unity development streams, let me know if you're interested in seeing those!


hiya! i'm kait, my pronouns are she/any, and i'm a variety streamer :) i like to stream a little bit of everything from art, old cd rom games, and stardew valley! you can check out my schedule panel to see what i'm currently playing! feel free to stop in and say hi!


I'm just a person who enjoys playing games and wanted to stream it, not a vampire


Self-taught, non-award-winning piano player from Germany. Playing covers of popular music, movie themes, video games and classical pieces. Some people enjoy this stream more than others. I also swam with dolphins once


Welcome! My name is Katie. I’m a singer from Ireland.

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